CV date: 22/09/2021

Curriculum Vitae

Personal information

First and Family namePaula Escribano Castaño
ID number50889068G
Birth date26/03/1984
WoS Researcher IDAAZ-6895-2020
SCOPUS Author ID57196483259
Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID)
Current Position
NAme of University/InstitutionAutonomous University of Barcelona
DepartmentDepartment of Social and Cultural Anthropology
Address and CountryCarrer de la Fortuna. Edifici B- Facultat de Lletres.
08193- Bellaterra (Spain)
Phone number935868321
Current positionPart-time professor and Researcher – From 01/09/2017
Key words
Social and Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, Economic Anthropology, Peasant Studies, Agroecology and Gender Studies
Social and culltural AnthropologyAutonomous University of Barcelona2020
MA in Ethnographic Research, Anthropological Theory and Intercultural RelationsAutonomous University of Barcelona2013
Degree in Social and Cultural AnthropologyUniversity of Granada2012
Degree in TeachingUniversity of Granada2009

General indicators.

– H-index 2 (WoS); 2 (SCOPUS); 5 (Google)

– Total number of citations: 14 (WoS); 18 (SCOPUS); 55(Google)

– Average number of citations/year during the postdoctoral period (20/21): 16 (SCOPUS), 41 (Google), 13 (WoS)

– Publications: 2 (JCR Q1): (1) J. of Cleaner Production (i.f 5.651) (2) Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (i.f 2.401). 1 (JCR Q2) International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations (i.f 1,273) & 1 (JCR Q4) AIBR (i.f 0,267) 1 (Scopus SJR Q2) J. of Organizational Ethnography (i.f 0,204); J. of Organizational Ethnography); 1 (Scopus SJR Q3) Horizontes Antropológicos (i.f 2.401) and 1 (Scopus SJR Q4) Social Sciences (i.f 0.109). 2 publications in other indexed journals: carhus+ and Latindex.


CV Summary

Paula Escribano is a researcher at the Laboratory of Personal Networks and Communities (Egolab-GRAFO, and member of the Fundamentally Oriented Anthropology Research Group (GRAFO, of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain. She also works as part-time professor at the Dept. of Social and Cultural Anthropology (UAB), where she teaches Critical Theory, Fieldwork Analysis and Social and Cultural Anthropology. Her research covers two main areas: cultural and environmental change in a context of neoliberal governance and livelihood strategies of small agroecological initiatives. In both areas, she focuses on social organization, public policies and supply. She uses mixed methods centred on the analysis of personal networks as well as ethnographic techniques, with special attention to ethnographical fieldwork. She has done fieldwork for a year in Hungary and between 2013 and 2020 in Spain (Catalonia and Madrid) and France.

Paula received her PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona with the thesis “Back-to-the-land” in Catalonia: An anthropological perspective (2020; Excellent Cum Laude). At the same institution she received her Master’s Degree in Ethnographic Research, Anthropological Theory and Intercultural Relations. She wrote the MA-thesis Utopias in post-socialism: the case of a Hungarian ecovillage (2013). She obtained her Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Granada (2012) and spent a year at the University Eötvös Loránd (ELTE) in Budapest, Hungary, collaborating with the project “Identity and Culture in Hungary” at the Department of Anthropology.

Paula has taught courses to PhD, Master and BA students at Universities in Spain, Poland or Mexico. She has taught courses about gender and the feminist perspective from an anthropological perspective. She is specialist in conducting training courses on the analysis of ethnographic data for teachers and researchers, as well as in analysing social capital in business initiatives with social and environmental motivations. She has participated in master’s degree committees and co-directed an MA thesis (TFM). She currently co-directs the project “Rural self-management initiatives and public policies: A conceptualization of neo-peasants” financed by the international Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research-Post PhD (2019-2021). She is researcher in the project “The community dimension of social exclusion and precariousness” (DIMCOM) and collaborates with the project “The Role of Social Transnational Fields in the Emergence, Maintenance and Decay of Ethnic and Demographic Enclaves” (ORBITS) MINECO-FEDER (2016-2020). She is part of the Anthropology of Economy Network in the European Association of Social Anthropologist (EASA). She is also member of the Network of the Iberoamerican Anthropologist (AIBR). She is currently co-coordinating as a guest editor a Special Issue in the Journal Culture, Agriculture, Food and Environment (CAFÉ) about Rural livelihood strategies and public policy in Europe with articles from Latvia, Italy, France, Hungary and Spain. Paula aims to continue to develop her line of research, leading international projects and cooperating with transfer activities while teaching.

  • (14/03/2018) Employment contract to training on Anàlisi de xarxes dels Equipaments de Proximitat. Nus Processos Socials i Creatius & Council of Barcelona. 150€.
  • (4/6/2016) Employment contract to training on La nostra xarxa i l’emprenedoria. Nus Processos Socials i Creatius (ESTARTER. IGOP-UAB). Barcelona. 150€.
Training Activites
  • (12-14/8/2019) Research Stay at Autonomous University of Aguas Calientes. Dept. of Communication. Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities (Mexico). I taught a course for PhD and MA students at the Faculty of Communication.
  • (25/06-7/07/2017) Summer School on Degrowth and Environmental Justice. ICTA-UAB. Spain and France. A poster was presented about Intentional Communities.
  • (03/2018- 06/2018) Research Stay at the Dept. of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at AMU in Poznan, Poland. A scientific article was published, and a research project was funded. A seminar was held for researchers and professors about Neo-Peasantry.
  • Training for teaching at UAB: (19/07/2017) Planificació i avaluació del treball dels estudiants (4h)(18/07/2017) Aprenentatge actius en grups nombrosos (4h) (19/06/2017) FDES Activitat 1: La docencia en el nou context d’ensenyament-aprenentatge (2h) (9/01/2018) Formació a mida: Open Science (4h) (15/02/2019) Audiovisual publishing oriented to teaching (6h)
  • (03/2016). Geolocated Maps with Esri-Maps Software. Dept. of Geography (UAB).
  • (05/10/2015-09/11/2015) English course: Research Papers. 30h. Servei de Llengües.
  • (6-10/07/2015) Participation at the Summer Course 8th edition. Theory, Methods and Applications of Personal Networks. Faculty of Psycology. UAB.
  • (31/05-11/06/2015) Participation on the IP: Alternatives: Anthropological Knowledge for Changing World (CREOLE). Piran. University of Llubiana (Slovenia). A conference was held.
  • (09/2012- 06/2013) Training stay at the Dept. of Anthropology at the Eötvös
Transfer activities: 
  • (2/03/2020) Publication: “La situacio actual de la nova pagesia a Catalunya”. UAB Divulga.
  • (2020) Publication of the article ¿La payesía en disputa? Journal Xarxa de la Terra.
  • (11/11/2018) Organization of the event: Jornadas de devolución de conocimiento. Proyectos de autogestión rural y neo-campesinado en Cataluña. Seminar for the transfer of knowledge generated through the PhD thesis. M. Galbany, Barcelona.
  • (19/01/2017). Workshop “Autogestión, reproducción y justicia social”. GER(UB)-ICTA. Faculty of Geography and History. 15’30-19h. Coordinated by Sílvia Bofill & Pati Homs.
  • (2017) Publication:Crisi Econòmica i emprenedoria social i ambiental . UAB Divulga.
  • (2016) Publication of the report L’Emprenedoria social a Catalunya. ENCLAVE.
  • (4/12/2014) Transfer activity “Les Xarxes socials dels emprenedors socials”. ENCLAVE-MINECO, IpacHUB (Plaça Reial 18). From 10 to 13.30h.
Management, awards and distinctions:
  • (2020) Best Paper 2020 from AIBR for “Él es emprendedor, pero yo no; yo soy autónomo. Autorrepresentación y subsistencia de los neocampesinos en Cataluña”. 
  • (2020) Outstanding Paper Award 2020. Charities as symbolic families (JOE).
  • (2020) PhD. International mention. Qualification : Excellent Cum Laude. 
  • (2013) Special Mention of excellence in the International Mobility. University of Granada
  • (1-4/7/2014) Participation in the EUSN Organizing Committee of the 1st European Conference on Social Networks. UAB
Teaching Activities 
  • 565,97 hours of teaching in the Bachelor of Social and Cultural Anthropology between 2013 and 2020.
  • 48,6h Teaching in Postgraduate courses, Master and PhD (qualitative data analysis, anthropological theory, economic anthropology and critical theory).
  • Co-direction of the MA Thesis “Comunidades neorrurales en Cataluña” defended the 19/08/2018 by Marisol Rojas Cerda at Autonomous University of Barcelona. Three Current MA advisee [César Darío, Marina Gómez and Laura Franco] at Dept. of Anthropology (UAB). • I also have taught the following training courses for teachers and researchers: (13/01/2017) OQD Formation. Qualitative data analysis with RQDA and similar platforms. Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology (UAB) 4h and (21,23/03/2017) Introduction to qualitative data analysis with RQDA. Workshop for the research group Egolab-GRAFO. Duration: 3h and Workshop in Data collection and visualization with Vennmaker for the 10th Summer Course Personal Networks Duration: 2,30h.